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Reloading Ballistics

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Updated for ICS.This application is an easy to use recipe manager for the reloading enthusiast. Its database interface allows the user to store all the information he needs to complete any reloading task. A recipe consists of a round, a bullet, powder, and grains of powder and can be cross-referenced against various guns that chamber the round. Additional vital information, such as pressure and velocity, can be saved for the recipe/gun combination.
Clicking on a spinner (drop-down box) will bring up a predefined list of items (recipes, rounds, bullets, etc.), allowing the user to select an item or add a new one. If an item is already selected, long-clicking the spinner will open an edit window so the user can change the information stored for that item.
Change Log
3.0.5 - Fix to content provider for data pack installation3.0.4 - Added Notes field and layout changes for smaller screen sizes3.0.2 - Database Update3.0.1 - Fix for round spinner3.0.0 - ICS Release2.3.9 - Added tutorial description explaining meaning of # symbol in the round list. This symbol indicates a pistol or handgun round2.3.8 - Fixed bugs in tutorial and front ads screens2.3.0 - Introduction of splash screen2.2.0 - Added purchasable data packs to the round spinner2.1.0 - Database interface for downloadable data packs2.0.0 - New grains seek bar and recipe summary screen1.2.3 - Fix for Orientation change1.2.2 - Fix to landscape tutorial1.2.1 - Tutorial set to open on initial start up 1.2.0 - New tutorial added to options menu1.1.3 - Minor user interface updates Added icons to menus1.1 - Added "Save as" and cancel warnings1.0 - Initial version
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